Elected Officials

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Federal Officials

President - Joseph R. Biden

Vice President - Kamala D. Harris

U.S. Representatives in Congress
Representative - John Moolenaar (2nd District)
Representative - Hillary Scholten (3rd District)

U.S. Senators
Senator - Gary Peters
Senator - Debbie Stabenow

State Officials

Governor - Gretchen Whitmer

Lt. Governor - Garlin D. Gilchrist

Secretary of State - Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General - Dana Nessel

State Senators
18th District - Thomas A. Albert
20th District - Aric Nesbitt
29th District - Winnie Brinks
30th District - Mark Huizenga
33rd District - Rick Outman

State Representatives
78th District - Gina Johnsen
79th District - Angela Rigas
80th District - Phil Skaggs
81st District - Rachel Hood
82nd District - Kristian Grant
83rd District - John Fitzgerald
84th District - Carol Glanville
89th District - Luke Meerman
90th District - Bryan Posthumus
91st District - Pat Outman

County Wide Officials

Prosecuting Attorney - Chris Becker
Sheriff - Michelle LaJoye-Young
Clerk/Register of Deeds - Lisa Posthumus Lyons
Treasurer - Peter MacGregor
Drain Commissioner - Ken Yonker
County Commissioners

Local Officials

City Township Village