Types of Elections

General Election

The candidates nominated at the August Primary run for office on the November General Election ballot. Partisan County and Township Officials are elected at the General Election.

Primary Elections

Candidates from each political party are nominated for the General Election at the August Primary. In the Primary you may only vote for candidates representing one political party. Partisan County and Township Officials are nominated at the August Primary to run for office in the November General Election.

Non-Partisan primaries occur when the number of candidates running for a particular non-partisan office is more than twice the number to be elected.

School Elections

School Board members are elected on the even year November ballot.

Elected Offices

In Michigan, voters elect:

  • President & Vice President
  • Governor & Lieutenant Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • Attorney General
  • U.S. Senator
  • U.S. Representative in Congress
  • State Board of Education
  • University of Michigan Board of Regents
  • Wayne State University Board of Governors
  • Michigan State University Board of Trustees
  • Justices of the State Supreme Court
  • Judge of the Circuit Court
  • Judges of the Court of Appeals
  • Judges of the District Court
  • Judges of the Probate Court
  • County Officials & Commissioners
  • City, Township, & Village Officials
  • Community College Trustees
  • Precinct Partisan Delegates