Jurisdiction Drop Box & Polling Locations

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Clerk Information

(616) 456-3000

Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

Absentee Voter Drop Box Locations

Only absentee ballots for this jurisdiction can be accepted at these locations.

Absentee ballots MUST be delivered to the clerk or any of the dropboxes listed by 8pm on Election Day.

Van Belkum Library
1563 Plainfield NE
curbside on Plainfield
Hours: 24/7

300 Ottawa NW Drop Box
300 Ottawa NW
across from Calder Plaza
Hours: 24/7

West Leonard Library
1017 Leonard NW
East Parking Lot
Hours: 24/7

City Hall
300 Monroe Ave NW
Monroe Level Lobby
Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5

Ottawa Hills Library
1150 Giddings SE
Curbside on Giddings
Hours: 24/7

Seymour Library
2350 Eastern SE
Rear of building by the book drop
Hours: 24/7

Cook Library Center
1100 Cesar E Chavez SW
curbside on Cesar E Chavez
Hours: 24/7

Grand Rapids Parks & Rec
201 Market SW
North entrance to building
Hours: 24/7

Election Day Polling Locations

Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 2, Precinct 36
Ward 2, Precinct 37
Ward 2, Precinct 44
Ward 2, Precinct 48

Ward 3

Ward 3, Precinct 70
Ward 3, Precinct 71