Facilities Management

Mission Statement

To manage County facilities and projects striving for customer satisfaction by recognizing and meeting the needs of departments, providing a safe environment for employees and visitors, while maintaining fiscal responsibility, in accordance with the policies and procedures of Kent County.

The Facilities Management Department provides technical and managerial support of County buildings and properties. The department renovates, repairs, maintains, constructs, and operates County properties; manages major capital improvement projects; and monitors and tracks leases between other departments and private businesses and other governmental units. The department is also involved in the sale and purchase of County facilities and real estate.

The department has budgetary control of the operation and maintenance of multiple County properties, including the County Administration Building, Kent County Courthouse, 82 Ionia, Juvenile Detention Center, Health Department facilities (including clinics and Animal Shelter), and numerous other County facilities and properties. Approximately 1.3 million square feet of County facilities are included in the responsibilities of the department. Expenses incurred for the operation and maintenance of these properties, as well as Facilities Management Administration, are included in the department history of uses.

Strategic Goals

  • To provide the most cost effective and efficient facilities and operations as a collaborative effort between Facilities Management and the users of the facilities.

Operational Goals

  • To provide safe, quality, value-based Facilities Management services to Kent County
  • Plan, organize and administer County building project development, including land acquisition and sale; facility renovation and construction projects and administer the County Lease program, for the best value- maximizing quality and minimizing cost, for long term asset preservation

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