County Clerk

Business Registration

Registration is required by state law and is done through the County Clerk's Office in each county in which you plan to do business. Please note: The County Clerk’s Office will not process business registrations after 4:45pm, please plan accordingly.

DBA "Doing Business As" or Co-Partnership

  1. Check the name. The first step is to confirm that the business name you have selected is acceptable. The Clerk is authorized to reject any assumed name, which is likely to mislead the public, or is similar to other business names as to lead to confusion or deception. The registering of the name places that name on public record indicating that the registrant(s) is/are conducting business under an assumed name. A DBA protects a business from possible name duplications by other businesses.
  2. Check with the State. This ensures that the business name is not being used by a corporation, limited liability company ("LLC"), limited liability partnership ("LLP"), or non-profit organization, which file at the State, State of Michigan Business Entity Search
  3. Complete Business Registration Form. Registration is good for 5 years and renewable 30-90 days prior to expiration.
  4. Notify Clerk's Office.
  5. Fees. Cash or check payable to “Kent County Clerk”:
Business Registration Certificate Fees
Assumed Name $10.00 1
Partnership $10.00 1
Name Change $10.00 2
Notice of Dissolution $5.00
Change of Address $5.00
Certified Copies (each) $2.00

1. Includes two certified copies for sole proprietorship and three certified copies for co-partnerships issued at time of filing.

2. Must file new certificate.

The County Clerk cannot give legal advice. You may wish to contact your legal advisor for more information on registering a business.

For information regarding corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s and non-profits, contact:
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Corporation Division

P.O. Box 30054
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 241-6470
Fax: (517) 334-8329