Cultural Insight Council

In 2001, the Cultural Insight Council (CIC) was formed and includes employees from various backgrounds and County departments. The CIC is the hub for providing direction on inclusion and cultural change in the workplace and increasing communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Mission

To act as a catalyst to foster a culture which recognizes, accepts and values the individual differences of its employees and is responsive to the changing needs of our diverse community.

Our Vision

To have a culture where employees understand, value and sustain inclusion.


  1. To create a culture of inclusion
    where all employees are able to succeed and are valued for their contributions to the efficient functioning of Kent County Government. Establishing a culture of inclusion will assist Kent County in maximizing its operational effectiveness, as it is our belief that team members are more willing and able to contribute when they are valued for their contributions and included in their organization's progress.
  2. To promote cultural understanding among our employees
    that will assist them in fulfilling the County's mission of effectively serving the needs of our diverse community. It is our belief that by possessing a greater understanding of the cultures within our community and within our workplace, County employees are better equipped to maintain and enhance positive employee relationships between employees of diverse backgrounds.
  3. To promote and encourage workforce diversity
    at all levels of the organization.
  4. Ensure that the public we serve receives services in a culturally sensitive manner

Council Members

Aguilera,Claudia Caseworker I-FOC Friend of the Court 632-6813
Arthur, Hilary District Court Administrator/Magistrate 63rd District Court 632-7792
Becker, Chris Prosecuting Attorney Prosecuting Attorney's Office 632-6665
Bishop, Abigail Public Health Program Supervisor Health Department 632-7206
Branson, Teresa Deputy Administrative Health Officer Health Department 632-7586
Brooks III, Herman Office Administrator Health Department 632-7064
Broy, Tasha Victim/Witness Advocate Prosecuting Attorney's Office 632-5395
Budd, Matthew Youth Specialist Supervisor Juvenile Detention 632-5770
Burke, Natasha Caseworker I - FOC Friend of the Court 632-6858
Bustance, Tamber Senior Human Resources Specialist Human Resources 632-7467
Dalziel, Kara Court Clk/Legal Clk (Court) 63rd District Court 632-7787
Dewitt, Charles (Chuck) Undersheriff Sheriff's Office 632-6104
Dickens, LaSchelle Caseworker Assistant Friend of the Court 632-6822
Dolan (Duursma), Angela Caseworker Circuit Court Services 257-9809
Draper, Patricia Emergency Preparedness Program Specialist Health Department 632-7292
Edwards, Nikila R Corrections Sergeant Sheriff's Office 632-6440
Ghosh, Sangeeta Assistant Corporate Counsel Administrator's Office 632-7574
Harris, Kenisha Account Clerk I 63rd District Court 632-7772
Lajoye-Young, Michelle Sheriff Sheriff's Office 632-6103
Loxterman, Michael End User Support Information Technology 632-6510
Mappes, Matthew Deputy Court Administrator District Court 632-7795
Moralez-Morris, Marcela Juvenile Probation Officer Supervisor Circuit Court - Family Division 632-5197
Nunez, Maria Caseworker Prosecuting Attorney's Office 632-6636
Pearson, Lynette Juvenile Probation Officer Circuit Court - Family Division 632-5856
Pelon, Karyn Public Health Educator Office of Inclusion 632-6519
Quinn, Darius Human Resources Manager Human Resources 632-7468
Remo, Micheal Juvenile Probation Officer Circuit Court - Family Division 632-5234
Robinson, Cynthia Information Technology Manager Information Technology 632-6528
Robinson, Huemartin Juvenile Detention Assistant Superintendent Juvenile Detention 632-5769
Schenkel, Traci Assistant Friend of the Court Friend of the Court 632-6847
Vantill, MaryBeth Strategy and Performance Manager Administrator's Office 632-7353
Wahid, Jamelia Survelliance Officer Circuit Court - Family Division 632-5854
Yarbrough, Portia Health Information Security Administrator Health Department 632-7081