Kent County 2050

Steering Committee

STEEP/R Trends

Next Generation Consulting (NGC), Kent County 2050's consultant and partner in crafting our regional vision, has delved into a comprehensive study of Kent County, meticulously analyzing regional data, tracking trends, keeping the pulse on news stories, and soliciting information from over 150 multi-sector leaders across the county to gain profound insights into the current and historical forces shaping our region. Next Generation Consulting, the partnering consultant for Kent County 2050, STEEP/R trends (society, technology, economics, environment, politics/regulatory) that will shape Kent County’s next decades.

Big Sort Top Trends

Through a collaborative exercise named "The Big Sort," over 100 local experts meticulously analyzed and ranked these trends based on factors like certainty, impact, and readiness. The results of the ranking provide a glimpse into the shaping forces of our collective future.