Kent County 2050

Welcome to Kent County's "North Star"

As one of Michigan's fastest-growing regions, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in Kent County, reimagining our post-Covid trajectory and facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. As we all individually shape our future strategies, this begs the question: Are we all pointed in the same direction?

Enter Kent County 2050—a shared, 30-year regional vision that aims to unite us in a transformative journey toward our future. Having a guidance system, or a "North Star" will help us be intentional about what we want the future of Kent County to look like and identify what's possible—the challenges, the vulnerabilities, and what happens if we shoot for the stars. It creates new opportunities. It mitigates risk. It uncorks energy, resources, and talent.

All Our Ideas Survey

All Our Ideas is an online survey platform that asks the public their opinion on which strategies will have the most impact on Kent County residents in 2050. This invaluable public input serves to guide Kent County and its partners in prioritizing goals and eliciting ideas that it may not have considered.

In this survey, you'll engage in a process of selecting what you believe to be the higher-priority strategy from pairs of options, or offering your own innovative idea to enhance the pool for other respondents to evaluate. As you progress, you'll encounter a blend of ideas from both the Steering Committee and the public. It's important to note that the survey doesn't have a fixed end; rather, it continues to present variations of options until you choose to stop. You have the freedom to engage with the survey for as long or as little as you prefer. After expressing your priorities, you'll have the opportunity to view how your perspectives align with other residents.

All Our Ideas will close on April 11, 2024.

Share your thoughts on the future of our community

All Our Ideas Survey   La encuesta "Todas Nuestras Ideas"