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Animal Shelter


Animal Adoption Program

The Kent County Animal Shelter works to connect animals with loving homes. Learn More »

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

To request access to information and records described as “public records” it is necessary to complete a FOIA request.
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Kennel Licensing

Kent County Animal Shelter, in partnership with Kent County Animal Control, licenses dog kennels that house dogs for Breeding, Boarding, Sale, or Training.
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Dog Licensing

Dog licenses are available online, at the Kent County Animal Shelter, and at various clinics, hospitals, and municipalities around the County. Learn More »

Lost & Found Pet Services

At the Kent County Animal Shelter we work very hard to reunite lost pets with their owners. We admit stray animals at the shelter and hold them while trying to locate their owners. Learn More »

Pet Euthanasia Services

The Kent County Animal Shelter (KCAS) offers low cost euthanasia for pets. This service is a drop-off service only. Pet owners are not able to be in the room during the procedure. KCAS uses the most humane method of euthanasia currently available and the cost is $40 per pet. Please call 616-632-7300 to set an appointment.

Pet Surrender

Bringing Pets to the Shelter

Transfering your pet to our care is a permanent decision. Please take time to consider this important decision.

When animals are transferred from the home to the shelter, they tend to experience more stress than stray animals due to drastic changes in environment and losing the comfort of familiarity. We recommend that you attempt to rehome your pet with friends, family, colleagues, through neighborhood apps, or other rehoming services. The shelter must be considered the very last option and not a drop off point for pets. In order to serve owned animals better, they are accepted on an appointment basis to allow time and secure a place for the least amount of stress possible.

Call (616) 632-7300 to schedule an appointment.

Animal Control

Cruelty/Complaint Investigation

KCAS works closely with Animal Control, which is part of the Kent County Sheriff's Department. Please see additional information here.

Public Health

Rabies Testing

If a person wakes up in a room with a bat, or if a child has been unsupervised in a room where a bat has been discovered, that bat should be tested for rabies. Please bring the intact bat to Kent County Animal Shelter. If the animal is dead, keep it cool but do not freeze it. We also consider testing additional animals if they have bit a person, including woodchucks, foxes, and raccoons. Please contact us at 616-632-7300 to discuss a bite from one of these animals.


Kent County Animal Shelter is NOT licensed to work with wildlife. Domesticated animals (cats, dogs, livestock) cannot be housed with wildlife. Please direct all wildlife concerns to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at 800-292-7800 or visit their website at michigandnr.com Otherwise, please contact your local pest control company.