Clerk of the Court

Circuit Court Motions

A motion is a request to the Court to enter an order. Motions are written documents identifying the reasons for the request, and exactly what it is you want the Court to do. A motion fee is due when the motion is filed. In addition to the appropriate fee, all motions must be accompanied by a notice of hearing and proof of service. The judge’s copies of the motion and notice of hearing must be provided to have the motion placed on the judge’s calendar.

The party filing the motion needs to schedule a hearing date and notify the other party of the date, time, and place of the hearing. View 17th Circuit Court - Judges' Motion Calendar for available motion date and time information.

Before the judge will enter a judgment of divorce in a matter in which the FOC is involved, the Domestic Relations fee must be paid.

Motions may be filed in any type of case:

  • Domestic
  • Civil
  • Criminal