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Local information on what to do in an emergency.

Emergency Planning

Schools and daycare facilities need to have a plan of action for emergencies whether from natural disasters or unknown events.


Information and activities for students and teachers who'd like to learn more about disasters and the role they need to play to keep everyone safe.

Children's Games & Videos

  • FEMA for Kids
    Learn about preparing for disasters, preventing disaster damage, what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a "Disaster Action Kid" with Herman the spokescrab.
  • Ready Kids
    Create a kit, make a plan and play games with Rory, Rex, Purcilla and Hector. Don't miss your chance to graduate from Readiness U!
  • Tox Mystery
    In English and Spanish Toxie the Cat will help you find the hazards hidden in each room and offer hints when needed. Successfully find all the risky spots in the house and watch Toxie dance and celebrate!
  • US EPA Environmental Kids Club
    The EPA will help you explore your environment and learn how to protect it. We've got games, pictures, and stories.
  • National Library of Medicine: ToxTown
    Here's an introduction to toxic chemicals and environmental health risks for high school and college students, educators and the public.

Miranda Videos

How to Stay Safe In a Chemical Emergency (Windows Media, 18 MB)

How to Stay Safe In a Chemical Emergency - for Kids (Windows Media, 25 MB)

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