Court Services

Pretrial Supervision and Maximum Supervision

Pretrial Supervision

Provides supervised release services for those defendants released on bond that have the requirement set forth as a condition of bond as outlined in the Michigan Court Rule 6.106 section (D).

Eligible Defendants:

All defendants are eligible for "Pretrial Supervision".

Case Management Services:

  • Assess the needs and risks of each defendant released on bond explaining the conditions of the release and determine the supervision level based on the risk related issues.
  • Monitor the compliance of the defendant's bond conditions, which may include reporting weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or phone reporting.
  • Petition, prepare and represent in court all Order to Show cause hearings and Bench Warrants issued for non compliance of court ordered pretrial release conditions.
  • Refer defendants to the appropriate community resources in compliance with pretrial release.
  • Escort, assist and conduct urinalysis and breathalyzer tests as determined by the conditions of release.
  • Provide information relative to sentencing to the probation departments, courts, and other court officials concerning the defendant's compliance and progress while on supervision.

Pretrial Maximum Supervision

Provides a more structured and intensified supervision to higher risk defendants released on a Electronic Monitoring Device (tether) and /or a Screen & Breathalyzer. The Maximum Supervision Caseworker is responsible for overseeing the use and function of the monitoring equipment and all activities of the defendants participating in the program. High priority is given to employment, education, and treatment.

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Defendants charged with a felony.
  • The defendant agrees to participate and signs the Pretrial Release Maximum Supervision agreement.
  • The defendant has an approved stable release address.
  • The defendant has an approved telephone service available at release address.
  • The defendant must be able to care for his/her own safety, and not be a danger to others due to mental illness and or substance abuse.

Excluded from Eligibility

Maximum Pretrial candidates will not be eligible if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Remanded without bond. (NOT ALL CASES APPLY)
  • Have holds from other jurisdictions that would result from the defendant not being able to bond out.
  • Have pending charges of an assaultive nature or has demonstrated a history of assaultive behavior.
  • Have been a prior MSP participant and were terminated unsuccessfully.
  • All suitable households decline participation.