Kent County Family and Children's Coordinating Council

Council Members

Council members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners for three-year terms. The Board solicits applications for Board-appointed committees in the fall of each year. In addition to its Board-appointed membership, the Council encourages broad participation in its committees. Committee membership is open to the community, and is appointed by the Chair of the Council.

Judge Patricia Gardner, Chair
17th Circuit Court Family Division

Candace Cowling
Child & Family Resource Council

Tom Czerwinski
Area Agency on Aging

Lynnette Ferrell
Frey Foundation

William A. Forsyth
Kent County Prosecutor

Scott Gilman

Cynthia Gladyness
Consumer Advocate

Jack Greenfield
Arbor Circle

Lynn Heemstra

Kevin Konarska
Kent Intermediate School District

Gary Lemke
Consumer Advocate

Adam London
Kent County Health Department

Sharon Loughridge
DA Blodgett and St. John’s Home

Jacob Maas
Area Community Svcs & Employment Training

Nancy Marshall
Kent County Department of Human Services

George Meek
Harvard Financial Corporation

Teresa Neal
Grand Rapids Public Schools

Maureen Noe
Heart of United Way West Michigan

Julie Ridenour
Steelcase Foundation

Savator Selden-Johnson
Kent County Department of Human Services

Diana Sieger
Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Patti Warmington
Cherry Street Health Services

Michael Zoerhoff
KISD Superintendent At-Large