Microsoft Office-At-Home

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

As part of Kent County’s agreement with Microsoft, County employees can use Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus on up to five compatible computers and mobile devices at no cost.  Installation on County-owned equipment takes priority over other uses, so it is likely that you will have at most 4 additional installations available, and it may be fewer.

Access to and use of this software is offered strictly as a benefit for your convenience.  Use of this software outside of your normal working hours does not constitute compensable work time. Further, the County offers no warranties that the software will perform properly.  County of Kent does not provide support on personal computing devices if an issue occurs during the installation of these products. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you backup your device before executing these instructions.

The subscription is a benefit available to Kent County employees only.

  • Downloading and installing Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for free is easy!
  • Access to the software is tied to your email address.
  • Select the installation instructions for your type of device; either Windows or MAC.
    (Android devices should use the Windows instructions.)
  • See chart below for compatibility
Software PC MAC
Access yes no
Excel yes yes
Lync yes yes*
OneNote yes no
Outlook yes yes
PowerPoint yes yes
Publisher yes no
Word yes yes

*Can be installed separately

Software Apple iPhone Android Windows Mobile Apple iPad
Office for iPad no no no yes
Office Mobile yes yes yes no
Excel yes yes yes yes
Word yes yes yes yes
PowerPoint yes yes yes yes
Lync yes yes yes yes
OneNote yes yes yes yes
Outlook Web Access(OWA) yes yes yes yes