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RFP 3752: Industrial Open Top Roll Off Dumpsters (10)

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Aug-14-2019 1:38 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-12-2019 3:16 PM
Vendor Question

on the push plate along bottom edge of Box, how thick of Plate are you in need of?
We seek your recommendation versus specifying a specific thickness. We will be pushing against it with the loader bucket in a landfill environment. You should propose something that will function as intended for its use.
Aug-14-2019 1:05 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-14-2019 12:00 PM
Vendor Question

Is this RFP strictly for the purchase of the (10) Open Top Roll Off Dumpsters or is hauling and disposal services requested as well?
It is only for the containers. No services.
Aug-12-2019 7:55 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-09-2019 5:02 PM
Vendor Question

1. The spec requests 2 casters. Are these in addition to the typical rollers?
2. Is the Ampliroll a Hook Lift?
We consider casters and rollers the same thing. Two are fine. The ampliroll is a top hook.

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