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RFQ 3749: Barn Staining Services

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Aug-16-2019 9:06 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-16-2019 7:15 AM
Vendor Question

What is the finish appearance expectations for the older wood on the barn? I.E.; Soffit, Fascia, siding of interior side of canopy/lean-to on south elevation

Will the interior wood roof structure, trusses/deck of the canopy/lean-to be included in our scope?

Will the [lywood window infills be included in our scope?

Is there water source/hose-bib/hydrant available on site for pressure washing/prep?
1. Apply 2 coats of stain to all exposed wood surfaces for protection purposes. We are not concerned about the finished appearance of the old wood matching the new wood.
2. No, The underside of the lean-to roof (roof deck, trusses) does NOT need to be stained, but the barn siding below the roof, and on the end of the lean-to roof does.
3. No they do not
4. No, there is no water available on the property. Our nearest water source is Myers Lake Park, or Townsend Park.

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