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BID 3745: LED Full Replacement Lighting Project

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Aug-19-2019 1:34 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-19-2019 12:32 PM
Vendor Question

Can we submit two bids, one specked and one alternate? If so how do we do it online?
Yes you can submit two bids. Please label one as alternate in the vendor comment section.
Aug-19-2019 8:10 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-13-2019 7:40 AM
Vendor Question

Is there an estimated start date for work to begin?
The vendor may start once the proper paperwork is received and purchase order is issued.
Aug-19-2019 8:06 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-16-2019 2:19 PM
Vendor Question

Specification allow for submittal of an approved equal fixture. How do we approve an alternate fixture and controls ?
Submissions should be labeled as alternate.
Aug-12-2019 8:42 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Aug-09-2019 12:52 PM
Vendor Question

I see all materials have been spec'ed. Who would I talk to about changing this spec or offering an alternative system. Have you considered wireless controls? Brightview works with several lighting controls companies, and offers several types of wireless controls systems (LG, Autani, Daintree (GE)) which should have the effect of taking the cost of such a project down considerably.
Responses that deviate from the Solicitation specifications will only be considered if the deviations are clearly detailed and noted within the Response. In case of a dispute regarding the true intent and meaning of the specifications, the County?s interpretation will prevail. When a Solicitation states no alternates, no deviations are permitted.

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