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BID 3651: Exterior Parking Lot LED Lighting Retrofit

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Apr-26-2019 9:04 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Apr-25-2019 6:48 AM
Vendor Question

1. Counts in the Addendum are not matching ( Pole Lights is it 63 or 65 and Wall Packs is it 70 or 81 , and what is the Poles count ?)
2. The Size of the 20' Pole
Please use the numbers stated on the addendum.
Apr-26-2019 9:04 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Apr-25-2019 8:42 AM
Vendor Question

Per addendum1:
3-head fixtures (3) = 9 heads
2-head fixtures (6) = 12 heads
1-head fixtures (42) = 42 heads..... Total = 9+12+42 = 63 heads. But the total number of heads given is 65. Please Clarify.

Wall packs Qty: 12+12+16+4+2+4+14+6 = 70. But the total wall packs given is 81. Please Clarify.
Please use the numbers stated on the addendum.
Apr-24-2019 11:10 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Apr-19-2019 8:24 AM
Vendor Question

Can you let us know the following information :
Existing pole lights and wall pack wattages
Size of the 20' pole (sectional dimensions)
Please see Addendum 1
Apr-17-2019 11:06 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Apr-11-2019 9:45 AM
Vendor Question

Who will be furnishing the poles and luminaires? Is there a pole and fixture specification? What are the wattage and lumens of the existing fixtures? What are the pole heights? Will a list of contractors attending conference be released?
We are looking at 20' square light poles w/ caps, aluminum and color to be dark bronze. Luminaires to be an approved alternate to existing light fixtures located at jail admin parking lot and on walls of the new kitchen and work release buildings.

1) Wall mounted fixtures to be/ or an approved alternate to Lithonia#MR1LED-42C-530-40K-SR3-MVOLT-WBA-SF-DDBXD.

2) Pole Luminaires to be/ or an approved alternate to Lithonia #MR2LED-60C-700-40K-T3M-MVOLT-SPA-Fusing to match circuit-DDBXD

3)Bollards to be 42" in height, multivolt LED, round extruded aluminum housing dark bronze with high impact clear acrylic lens and all exposed screws are to be tamper proof. Fixture is to replace existing 70 Watt high pressure sodium.

Note: Remember that there are two cameras on existing poles that need to be remounted onto new poles.
Apr-05-2019 10:14 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Apr-05-2019 9:52 AM
Vendor Question

Does this bid require installation as well or only products?
This does require installation.

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