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RFP 3641: Corporate Counsel Legal Case Flow Management Software

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May-23-2019 2:36 PM
Kent County Purchasing
May-23-2019 1:24 PM
Vendor Question

1. Does the County currently have the necessary license for Hyland OnBase?
2. Will the County Hyland System Provider/Integrator be contracted for the project by the County or will the vendor need to include them as part of our proposal?
3. How many cases will be converted?
? What systems are they converted from?
? What will be converted from each system?
? Number of records, size?
? Data converted?
? Images converted?
4. Can you confirm that there is one source of data for conversion?
5. Does the County have a projected start date?
6. What is your intended Project Duration? Start date to Go Live Date.
7. On page 2, it states that the system must have the ability to generate and print all standard, user, case, and custom reports as defined by the County. Does the County have a list of all existing reports required and what reports the system is expected to generate?
8. How many cases are processed annually?
9. Would the County consider a Hosted solution instead of On-Premise?
1. Yes
2. Vendor should include this in proposal.
3. 50 or less. The intention is to begin on a move forward basis and only bring in the minimum of documents regarding matters in process. (a) Onbase, email or scanned paper (b) text as available, images, metadata for images (c) Kent County does not have any current estimates.
4. This question could be subject to misinterpretation, please restate.
5. No.
6. This decision will be guided by the selected vendor and implementation methodology.
7. The vendor should be able to furnish those that are necessary for the Corporate Counsel of a municipality.
8. Not all matters before Corporate Counsel evolve into a legal filing. The vendor should be able to accommodate those legal matters falling outside the court system including but NOT limited to MDCR complaints, contract negotiations, real property matters, legal opinions and so on.
9. The answer is provided in the RFP.
May-22-2019 2:46 PM
Kent County Purchasing
May-22-2019 2:38 PM
Vendor Question

I have called into the conference line, but it is just silence after I enter the access code that was provided to me. Can I get a listing of the questions and answers from the phone conference or was it cancelled?
The conference call began promptly at 1:30pm EST. The conference call was ended shortly thereafter and there were not any questions submitted.
May-20-2019 12:26 PM
Kent County Purchasing
May-20-2019 10:52 AM
Vendor Question

How are you currently using Onbase - is it a "final" document repository or are you storing work product in it as well? Where are emails for matter currently stored?
OnBase is currently used only as a final document repository, although we could use it for work product if required. Emails for current matters are in the mailboxes / cabinets of each of the attorneys. We are an Office 365 customer and have access to Office 365 groups and teams. These features are available but not currently used by Corporate Counsel?s staff.
May-17-2019 9:21 AM
Kent County Purchasing
May-16-2019 4:55 PM
Vendor Question

Question related to RFP 3641. How many end user licenses will be required (attorneys, paralegals, clerical, administrative, etc.)?
At this time we anticipate 8 end user licenses.

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