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BID 3632: South Kent Landfill - Cell 40 and Leachate Loudout Facility Construction 2019

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Mar-27-2019 1:12 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-27-2019 9:41 AM
Vendor Question

Can you please confirm all fittings required on the leachate storage tank? I want to ensure I am reading the drawing correctly. The specification states 3 inch flanges, 4 inch flanges, and 1 inch half couplings, but I do not see these sizes shown on the leachate tank drawing. It would be ideal to have the sizes, type, and quantity of each size/type listed.
This question will be addressed in the next addendum.
Mar-26-2019 9:30 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-26-2019 8:27 AM
Vendor Question

Can we please get a list of plan holders? We are a liner subcontractor and would like to submit proposals for the liner work to the potential prime contractors.
The County does not maintain a plan holders list. Although the pre-proposal meeting was not mandatory, the attendee list is posted next to the RFP.
Mar-25-2019 4:30 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-21-2019 1:06 PM
Vendor Question

I have a request for clarification on the specifications for the litter fence. The elevation drawing on sheet 18 represents an engineered steel pole litter fence system, yet there is no detailed description in the specifications as to what the poles are to be made of.

If they are to be wood poles as opposed to steel, the drawing supplied would not be applicable.

If they are to be steel, we would need a detailed description of the pole construction, or we would need to know if we would be required to provide the engineering, and subsequent costs, as a part of the litter fence quote.
These questions will be addressed in the next addendum.
Mar-25-2019 4:25 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-18-2019 11:50 AM
Vendor Question

Deadline to submit questions is extended to Friday, March 22 at 12 pm local time.
Addendum 2 extends inquiry deadline to April 1 at 2:00 pm EDT.
Mar-25-2019 11:32 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-25-2019 7:18 AM
Vendor Question

There is a note on plan sheet 11 that asked for the interior of the Junction manhole to be coated with Epoxy. Does this apply to all the concrete manholes or just the Junction manhole?
This will be addressed in the next addendum.
Mar-22-2019 4:46 PM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-21-2019 8:49 AM
Vendor Question

1. Do you have a Geotechnical Report of the work area you can share containing existing conditions, moisture content, moisture/density curves, etc.?

2. It appears existing topsoil is limited. Is it the Engineer's understanding most topsoil required will have to be imported? Is there a topsoil source on site if needed?

3. Please clarify whether prevailing wages are required for this project.

4. Please clarify whether there are Liquidated Damages. I did not find any in the documents, but may have missed them.

5. Agreement Section 10.1.4 states, "CONTRACTOR shall designate a responsible representative at the site whose duty shall be the prevention of accidents." Please clarify whether a non-working full-time Safety Representative is required for this project.

6. Please specify what permits, and their associated fees, the CONTRACTOR should expect to be responsible for.

7. Agreement 19.5 states the CONTRACTOR is responsible for hiring a professional land surveyor for layout. Please confirm. If so, will Golder provide a quote to perform layout services? Are there any recommended surveyors you've had work on the site previously to ensure confidence and efficiency?
1. A complete geotechnical report of the site will be provided in addendum.
2. Please see note 5 on Figure 20A.
3. No prevailing wage required.
4. There are no specified liquidated damages. See General conditions 17.3 for details regarding Retainage.
5. A non-working full time safety representative is not necessary, the safety representative may be a working member of the team.
6. Kent County Department of Public Works is not aware of permits that the contractor will be responsible for.
7. Contractor will be provided electronic files upon request to be used for construction layout and to develop control of all GPS guided equipment. County will spot check and verify all cell grading with its own survey staff. Jonker Survey has performed some survey work at our facility but Jonker is not the only professional surveyor that can perform the required work, the contractor is free to choose a qualified company of their choice as necessary.
Mar-18-2019 11:49 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-17-2019 1:35 PM
Vendor Question

The measurement and payment bid items do not match the bid items presented on the bid form.
This will be corrected by Addendum #1
Mar-15-2019 8:08 AM
Kent County Purchasing
Mar-14-2019 6:50 PM
Vendor Question

Regarding the secondary containment area for the leachate tank.
1. The drawings aren?t very clear on the materials for the secondary containment. Is this just 60 mil HDPE Smooth or Textured? Any textile?
2. There is a tank in the lined area. Does this tank get batten, or is it going to sit on top of the liner? There is a concrete pipe support that gets batten, per details 7/15 and 8/15, but there isn?t anything calling for batten on the tank.
3. Is the liner for the secondary containment going to be supplied by the site, just like the cell?
1. Secondary containment will be 60 mil textured HDPE supplies by owner. No textile is anticipated in the secondary containment.
2. Penetrations will require a batten similar to the details noted.
3. See 1 above.

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