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This page changes frequently! Complete a Vendor Registration to receive e-mail notifications for business opportunities published by Kent County Purchasing. All times are local, Eastern Time Zone (ET). The Kent County Standard Submission Terms posted below are incorporated by reference into the solicitation.

Solicitation Description Date/Time Contact Response
There are currently no Solicitations open or to be opened.

Kent County Standard Submission Terms
Complete submissions must be received in the Kent County Purchasing Division, 300 Monroe Avenue NW, 2nd Floor receptionist, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 (or any other designated area) no later than the due date/time specified by the designated clock (local time).

Reponses may be submitted electronically by selecting the "Submit Online" icon on the Bid Opportunities page of the Kent County Purchasing Division's website. Respondent must include a complete proposal as one (1) non-password protected PDF document, unless otherwise designated by Kent County.

The time required to upload a submission may vary. Respondent assumes all risks associated with electronic submission (including all possible technical issues) and deems the County and its service provider harmless and without fault regardless the reason. Successful electronic submissions are confirmed via Respondent's email. Respondent shall view the link in the confirmation email to determine accuracy prior to due date/time.

An unbound hard copy may be submitted in a sealed envelope or package prior to the due date/time. It must be clearly labeled with the solicitation number, due date/time, and organization's name. Respondent shall ensure delivery of submission by due date/time regardless of delivery method. Kent County is not responsible for deliveries made to any place other than the designated address.

Submissions may be withdrawn by written request only if the request is received on or before the due date/time. Kent County is not liable for any costs incurred prior to the award of a solicitation. Lack of understanding or misinterpretation of any portions of this solicitation shall not be cause for withdrawal after opening or for subsequent protest of award.

Respondent certifies that the response submitted has not been made or prepared in collusion with any others and the prices, terms or conditions thereof have not been communicated by or on behalf of the Respondent to any other Respondent. This certification may be treated for all purposes as if it were a sworn statement made under oath, subject to the penalties for perjury. Moreover, it is made subject to the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Section 1001, relating to the making of false statements.

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides the public body with five (5) business days to respond to the request with a provision for an additional ten (10) day extension. The FOIA Request Form for Purchasing is located on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests page of Kent County's website under Online Services.

Kent County cannot assure that any of the information submitted as part of or peripheral to the Respondent's submission will be kept confidential. Any Respondent submission language designated as confidential is considered automatically invalid and void. Kent County is subject to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, which prohibits it from concealing information on or associated with responses, successful or unsuccessful, once they are opened.

Pursuant to the Michigan Iran Economic Sanctions Act, 2012 P.A. 517, by submitting a bid, proposal or response, Respondent certifies, under civil penalty for false certification, that it is fully eligible to do so under law and that it is not an "Iran linked business," as that term is defined in the Act.

Kent County reserves the right to request additional information after the submissions are received. Respondents may be requested to make an oral presentation, at the Respondent's expense, as part of the evaluation process.

Based on the solicitation requirements and criterion set forth in the solicitation, Kent County at its sole discretion reserves the right to reject any or all submissions, or award to the Respondent deemed most advantageous, while reserving the right to weigh other factors in the decision. Kent County reserves the right to waive irregularities of the solicitation process or award by line item when applicable.

Kent County appreciates the interest, effort, and time spent in responding to this solicitation. It is the Respondent's responsibility to monitor the website for status updates and award notices posted on the Solicitation Status Page of the Kent County Purchasing Division's website.

Kent County Purchasing Division
Kent County Administration Building
300 Monroe Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2289
(616) 632-7720