Health in All Policies

Resources and Acknowledgements

There is an abundance of excellent information concerning all aspects of Health in All Policies. Here are some of our favorite resources as well as sources used in this toolkit.

Kent County Information

Health in All Policies General Information

The HiAP homepages and resources of the following established organizations provide more details on the concepts and implementation tactics of HiAP.

Population Health and Social Determinants of Health

These links will help clarify the direct relationships between health outcomes and the social determinants of health:

Ordinances and Resolutions

Here are two examples of HiAP legislation that can be made to fit your communities’ needs:

Health Impact Assessments

Comprehensive details on how to complete a HIA along with opportunities to learn from and partner with experts are available at the following pages:

Equity Promotion

HiAP and equity go hand-in-hand. These resources provide equity impact assessment examples and the communities that are using them:


The Kent County Health In All Policies Toolkit was developed by:
Kristen Godwin, Kent County Health Department, Public Health Intern
Hope College, BA, Biology (May 2018)
In partnership with Kent County Health Department Preceptors:
Teresa Branson, MHA, Deputy Administrative Health Officer
Karyn Pelon, BS, Public Health Educator

A special thanks for the design of the Kent County Health In All Policies Toolkit goes to:
Nicole Batway, CHES, CPST, Public Health Educator, Kent County Health Department

A copy of this toolkit is available online at: Please share. This toolkit may be reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part without further consent from the Kent County Health Department.

More information on Health in All Policies can be obtained by contacting:
Kent County Health Department
700 Fuller Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 632-7100