Health in All Policies

Community Examples

HiAP began as a global movement through the World Health Organization. Today, communities across the U.S. are beginning to use HiAP as a guiding philosophy.


In 2010, the State of California passed an executive order creating an 18 agency Health in All Policies task force. The task force promotes programs affecting the health of California residents with a focus on environmental and climate factors. Local level communities are implementing HiAP within the state as well. The City of Richmond has developed a HiAP toolkit, ordinance and a strategy for community development with HiAP. Monterey County is doing similar work.

Minnesota Center for Health Equity

In 2013, after finding some of the largest health disparities in the country, the State of Minnesota created the Center for Health Equity. The center’s approach focuses on the implementation of what affects health and strengthening communities. HiAP is promoted to legislatures with published reports on determinants of health and recommended remedies. For more information on Minnesota’s Center for Health Equity, please see:

Ingham County, Michigan

Ingham County uses Health Impact Assessments (HIA) for multiple projects and has a nationally renowned Health Equity and Social Justice Workshop, inspiring Kent County’s own Health Equity and Social Justice Workshops. Ingham County has also worked to pass a HiAP resolution.

Michigan Power to Thrive (MPTT)

Michigan Power to Thrive is a network of local health departments, partners and community organizing groups dedicated to creating health equity in Michigan communities.