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The Kent County ENTF, with hundreds of non-profits, governmental agencies, faith-based organizations, funders and concerned volunteers has enhanced its legitimacy, structure and sustainability model to move from the community’s emergency response network to the poverty reduction systems vehicle needed for the 21st century. The ENTF will continue the successes its partners have achieved since 1982, insuring Kent County residents live stable lives while building a stronger, more clearly defined and supported systems structure that reduces poverty. As Kent County focuses on essential supports being the foundation for broad systems response to well-being, Task Force members will add to the long, winning record of supporting family stability on a more effective platform making Kent County an even better place in which to live. 

Letter from DHS Board Chair - July 2013

For the last 30 years, the Kent County Department of Human Services Board has partnered with the Essential Needs Task Force as lead advocate and source of legitimacy in support of the ENTF vision to assure that every Kent County resident has essential basics that assure a good, stable life.  This role has served well over the years and will continue as the Task Force implements its redesign that moves essential systems work more effectively and clearly, into a leadership role. This Board will continue to work closely with the ENTF, as a continuing partner and supporter on behalf of Kent County and the Department of Human Services, assuring that the essential needs of this community’s most vulnerable citizens are met while they work to establish a good quality of life.  

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Jerry Kooiman, Chair   
Kent County Board of Social Services    

Coalition to End Homelessness/ Shelter Subcommittee
Purpose: Working to end homelessness in the Greater Grand Rapids area by increasing homeless prevention, coordinating support services and ensuring access to affordable, quality, permanent housing.

Economic & Workforce Development Subcommittee
Purpose: Using information, economic and training resources to build low-income citizens' self-sufficiency.

Energy Efficiency Subcommittee
Purpose: Assuring access to affordable utility resources for Kent County's most vulnerable residents while promoting a culture of energy efficiency for all.

Food & Nutrition Coalition/Food Subcommittee
Purpose: To ensure that all people of Kent County have access to safe, affordable and nutritious food.

Leadership Subcommittee
Purpose: Providing day-to-day management support to ENTF direct service subcommittees.

Transportation Subcommittee
Purpose: Working to ensure economical, easily available transportation to meet basic needs.

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Need Essential Services?
If you have a problem obtaining essential services, dial 211 on your phone (cell phone users can call (800) 887-1107).

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