Body Art

Kent County Body Art Blood Borne Pathogen Training & Registration

Body art is the making of art on the human body. Tattoos, piercings, branding, and other specific body modifications can be unique and personal ways to express individuality. When done in a licensed body art shop under proper conditions, body art can be something a person can enjoy for many years.

Within Michigan, facilities that conduct body art procedures must be licensed by the state, and then are inspected by health departments. Tattooing, piercing, branding or other specific body art procedures done outside of a licensed shop is illegal. This webpage contains information to assist body art shop owners, artists, and their potential clients. Complaints can also be filed against a licensed shop or individuals conducting body art practices outside of a licensed shop.

Be well informed before having body art done. Improper procedures or having body art done outside of a licensed shop puts you at risk of receiving any number of illnesses and/or infections. This can jeopardize your health and be costly to remedy. For more information on body art, please visit the following sites: