Animal Control

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Orientations

All orientations are held on Thursdays from 6:30-8:00pm in the training room of the Kent County Animal Shelter. The shelter is located at 740 Fuller Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. A volunteer coordinator will contact you upon receipt of your application and let you know when to meet for Orientation. Please contact Carly Luttmann or Rachel Jensen, at (616) 632-7300 or, with any questions.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Positions

Dog Attendant

Assists the Animal Specialists with daily care of dogs in the KCAS adoption program. Provides physical and mental stimulation to maintain overall wellbeing while in the shelter environment. Provides foundation training for basic manners in order to promote animal adoptability. Shifts are limited and staggered to allow the animals to adhere to a basic routine for stimulation and rest times.

Shift Duties

Tier One- Entry Level:

  • Provide kennel enrichment such as Kongs;
  • Provides kennel supplies as needed such as bedding, rawhides;
  • Provide clicker training reinforcement for appropriate kennel behavior (in kennel);
  • Alert staff to behavioral and medical concerns.

Tier Two- Intermediate *:

  • All Tier One duties plus:
  • Detailed introduction to clicker training, learning theory, shaping, body language observation;
  • Provide in-kennel training sessions for kennel entry/exit and self control behaviors.

Tier Three- Advanced*:

  • All Tier One/Two duties plus:
  • Provide training sessions out of kennel for basic manners and self-control;

Tier Four- Walker*:

  • All Tier One/Two/Three duties plus:
  • Provide training sessions for loose lead walking with a Gentle Leader inside and outside of the building.

*Volunteers are eligible for promotion to Tier Two, Three and Four at the completion of set levels of hours and with the approval of the Volunteer Coordinators.

  • Tier Two Eligibility available at 6+ hours
  • Tier Three Eligibility available at 24+ hours
  • Tier Four Eligibility available at 36+ hours

Minimum Monthly Commitment: 3 shifts

Reports To: Volunteer Coordinators

Shifts Available

  • Monday- Friday 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm
  • Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 8am-11am