Animal Adoption Program

The Kent County Animal Shelter sponsors an Animal Adoption Program to match unwanted animals to appropriate homes and responsible pet owners. Persons wishing to adopt an animal can visit the Animal Shelter kennels and choose from a wide variety of dogs and cats. Learn More »

Cruelty/Complaint Investigation

The Kent County Animal Shelter investigates complaints of animal cruelty and neglect. Animal Control Officers visiting the scene of suspected animal abuse, cruelty or neglect will determine if such a situation exists as defined by Kent County Animal Control Regulations. Learn More »


Dog licenses are available at the Kent County Animal Shelter. Learn More »

Educational Services

The Kent County Animal Shelter provides educational presentations on bite prevention, responsible pet ownership, and animal control in Kent County to schools and community groups free of charge. Learn More »

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The processing fee assessed for FOIA request of copies of Animal Shelter Records is $8. If significant time or resources is spent processing the request, additional fees may be assessed upon release of information.

Lost & Found Pet Services

At the Kent County Animal Shelter we work very hard to reunite lost pets with their owners. We admit stray animals at the shelter and hold them while trying to locate their owners. KCAS keeps a log of reported stray animals being held in people’s homes. We also maintain a lost pet logbook allowing pet owners to post their pet’s information for Shelter visitors to view. Since new animals arrive every day, we recommend owners searching for a lost pet visit the Shelter every couple of days. Unclaimed animals are evaluated and placed up for adoption as long as they are found to be healthy and behaviorally acceptable.

Pet Euthanasia Services

The Kent County Animal Shelter (KCAS) offers low cost euthanasia for pets. This service is a drop-off service only. Pet owners are not able to be in the room during the procedure. KCAS uses the most humane method of euthanasia currently available and the cost is $40 per pet. Please call us at 616.632.7300 to schedule an appointment for this service, to assist us in providing the most focused and respectful care for your pet. In case of more urgent situations, we are able to provide this service no later than one hour before closing time.

Lost Pet Reclaim

If you find your lost pet at the Shelter, you must provide proof of ownership such as (a photo) and copy of the animal's current rabies vaccination certificate. (Assessed fees must be paid in full and required licensing must be obtained before an animal is released.) KCAS accepts cash, check, Discover, Visa or MasterCard.

Pet Surrender

As a response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Kent County Animal Shelter is only able to accept surrendered animals as a result of extreme emergency. Please call (616) 632-7300 prior to bringing an animal to the KCAS.

While we continue to increase Kent County Animal Shelter’s live release rates, our long-term objective is to serve the community by providing resources to keep pets in homes. When owned or owner surrendered animals enter a shelter environment, they tend to experience more stress than stray animals due to drastic changes in environment and losing the comfort of familiarity. We recommend that you attempt to rehome your cat at one of our local animal welfare organizations. The shelter must be considered the very last option and not a drop off point for pets. In order to serve owned animals better, they are accepted on an appointment basis to allow time and secure a place for least stressful transition. Surrendering your pet is a permanent decision. Please take time to consider your decision before surrendering your pet. Call 632 -7301 to schedule an appointment.

Commercially Captured Animal Surrender

Animals that are trapped by private pest control companies may be dropped off at the Animal Shelter during normal business hours. The fee for this service is $20.