Animal Control

Dog Licensing

When does my dog’s license expire?

A dog’s license is connected to their rabies vaccination. Some dogs receive a one-year rabies vaccination; these dogs receive a one-year license. Some dogs receive a three-year rabies vaccination; these dogs may have a one- or three-year license, depending on which the owner chose to purchase.

Where can I purchase a dog license?

If your dog status has changed please complete the dog ownership/status change form.

Why License?

  • A dog license helps to get your dog home safe if they become lost.
  • Dog licensing provides funding for animal control in Kent County. This allows us to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty and neglect, as well as responding to loose or aggressive dogs.
  • It’s the responsible thing to do. Licensing protects our community by ensuring dogs are vaccinated against rabies.
  • Michigan law requires that all dogs over the age of four (4) months are licensed and all new dogs are licensed within 30 days.


Type of License

1-Year License**

3-Year License**

Intact (Un-Sterlized) Dog



Spayed/Neutered Dog



Senior Citizen (62 or older)*



Intact (Un-Sterlized) Dog



Spayed/Neutered Dog



*Senior Citizen Rate: You must show or upload your government issued ID showing your DOB to be approved for the senior citizen discount.

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