Animal Control

Bite Investigation

The Kent County Animal Shelter investigates all reports of animal bites in Kent County as part of community rabies control. You may report a bite directly by calling the Animal Shelter any time day or night at (616) 632-7304 or fill out the Report A Bite Form can be submitted via email.

Report A Bite Form

Additionally, law enforcement officers called to the scene of animal bite incidents, or medical personnel who may treat an animal bite victim are required by law to report bites to the Kent County Animal Shelter.

Animal Control Officers investigating an animal bite will determine the circumstances surrounding the bite, and what action should be taken regarding the biting animal. Biting animals are generally quarantined in their home or at the Kent County Animal Shelter kennels for a minimum of 10 days after they have bitten someone. Small children are the most frequent victims of animal bites and parents and pet owners should exercise caution when allowing a small child to interact with a larger animal, even one that is "tame" or "friendly."