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  • Kent County Animal Shelter Review and Report
    KCAS Review and Report by Best Friends Society and the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance

    For last decade the Kent County Animal Shelter, an open admission shelter, has worked to improve animal care and live release rates. We do this while balancing our core function - public health and safety. As part of our ongoing commitment to continue to improve, we sought the expertise of the Best Friends Society and the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance in the fall of 2018. We invited these agencies to review and prepare a report on the operations of the K...ent County Animal Shelter. As we work to digest the findings of this report, we will be deciding which suggestions best suit the Kent County Animal Shelter and our ongoing mission. In the meantime, we are sharing their findings with you through the link below. As we move forward, we will continue to pursue innovative, progressive animal welfare strategies and continuous quality improvement. In 2019, we will be adding Saturday hours. We are currently engaged in the interview process for an Animal Shelter Supervisor and several staff vacancies. We are excited about the future and will continue to keep you updated as changes as are rolled out.

    Thank you for supporting the KCAS!

    Sincerely -
    Sara Simmonds – Environmental Health Division Director

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The Kent County Animal Shelter (KCAS), a division of the Kent County Health Department, is the public safety and law enforcement agency responsible for animal control in Kent County. Effective animal control protects the domestic animal population from abuse and other health risks associated with humans, and protects the human population from disease and injury associated with animals.

The Animal Shelter is Kent County's animal control authority and is an excellent source of information about animal care, animal control regulations, and other animal-related community resources. KCAS staff can also answer your questions about exotic pets, rabies in non-domestic animals, or refer you to agencies that deal with livestock, wild animals, and breeding.