Michigan Freedom of Information Act Request

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17th Circuit Court and 63rd District Court records are not available under FOIA.


Describe the public record as sufficiently as possible. Specify subject matter, date, person, etc. Vague and unclear requests may result in denial of your request.

*All records from the Sheriff's Office, and other select records, cannot be sent electronically to protect the security of confidential information contained within those records.

I hereby stipulate, even if some or all of the records are located on the County of Kent's website, I am requesting the County make copies of those records on the website and deliver them to me in the format I have requested below. I understand some FOIA fees may apply.

Labor Costs

I am submitting an affidavit of indigence and requesting I receive the discount for indigence for this FOIA request.

 6MB Maximum File size

I stipulate I am a designated agent for the nonprofit organization making this FOIA request. This request is made directly on behalf of the organization or its clients and is made for a reason wholly consistent with the mission and provisions of those laws under section 931 of the Mental Health Code, 1974 PA 258, MCL 330.1931.

I hereby agree to the County of Kent using overtime wages in calculating the following labor costs as itemized in the following categories:

  • Labor to copy/duplicate
  • Labor to locate
  • Labor to redact
  • Contract labor to redact
  • Labor to copy/duplicate records already on the County's website
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