Employee Recognition For Quality Service

3rd Quarter 2016 - Recognized Employee

At Kent County, providing quality service to our customers is our number one priority.  Our mission is to be an effective and efficient steward in delivering quality services for our diverse community.  Our priority is to provide mandated services, which may be enhanced and supplemented by additional services to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens within the constraints of sound fiscal policy.

Charles (Charlie) Dubridge, with Kent County Facilities Management (63rd District Court), is recognized as the Kent County Quality Service Employee of the 3rd Quarter for helping to fulfill Kent County’s mission by providing quality service to citizens of Kent County. 

The person who nominated Charlie wrote, ““The 63rd District Court is privileged to have Charlie Dubridge as our Facility's representative. He exemplifies all the fine qualities of a county employee. His daily dedication and commitment really does showcase the mission of Kent County by providing quality service to all of us and the public. Charlie is extremely respectful and courteous to everyone he comes into contact with and he completes jobs immediately when asked and with knowledge and quality. He also is conscientious about following up with individuals to ensure they are satisfied with the work he performed. He is an exceptional Kent County employee and deserves recognition for going over and above every single day and making our experience at 63rd District Court a better place. One very simple example of Charlie's outstanding work ethic is when he created a shelf for an employee at her workstation when there was no shelf. He immediately created a wooden shelf and securely attached it to the workstation area. He even painted the board to match the desk. This really helped in the worker's area with holding files and documents. Charlie is very much appreciated here at the 63rd District Court. Several employees have commented on what a great job Charlie does.””

Number of Years Employed by Kent County:  3 years and 1 month.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done:  Losing my Grandma to cancer and then watching my Grandpa struggle after having a stroke and also passing away from cancer.

Three people (living or dead) I’d invite to dinner: Barry Sanders, Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash.

You’d be surprised to learn that: I’m a diehard Detroit Lions fan and even though they have had a losing record pretty much my whole lifetime, somehow I convince myself this is going to be their year.

The thing that I like most about working for Kent County is: The variety of work I perform. As much as preventative maintenance is all about repetition and schedules, there are also many spontaneous repair/work needs that allow you to take knowledge and principles and apply them to new experiences. Working with great people and a great organization such as Kent County make it all worthwhile.

Please join us in congratulating Charlie for earning Kent County’s Employee Recognition for Quality Service Award.  If you know a Kent County employee who is deserving of this recognition, please complete a nomination form at www.accesskent.com/qualityservice or on the Kent County intranet.