Employee Recognition For Quality Service

Previously Recognized Employees

3rd Quarter 2013

Leslie Drenten

Leslie Drenten from the Bureau of Equalization is recognized as the Kent County Quality Service Employee of the 3rd Quarter for helping to fulfill Kent County’s mission by providing quality service to customers of Kent County.  The individual who nominated Leslie wrote:

“I found myself in a bit of a pickle today as it relates to finalizing our redevelopment plan associated with the Centennial Country Club property in Cascade Township. We entered into conveyance agreements and purchase agreements as early as January of 2013 and the approval process with the township then took considerably longer than we could have reasonably anticipated. We eventually received final Township Board approvals last week. 

“Due to no fault of the County, I now find myself in a situation where I need to get lot splits completed and PPN's assigned in very short order.  Long story short, modifying interdependent contracts with the five neighboring condominium associations would be next to impossible and missing deadlines could jeopardize a year long process that ultimately received unanimous support from both the Township Planning Commission and Township Board.

“It is a very complex situation consisting of over 85 acres and approximately 30 splits and exchanges. Today, I reached out to the Bureau of Equalization seeking help.  I had a wonderful experience with Leslie Drenten and I wanted to convey my gratitude for exceptional public service. She was patient, considerate, and competent. I work on projects similar to this one across the state and country and rarely see such excellent customer service from local government. I am truly grateful to have such exceptional public servants in our great County. Thank you for all that you do.”

Number of Years Employed by Kent County: 11 years
The hardest thing I’ve ever done: I couldn't drive for 6 weeks after ankle surgery this last January

Three people (living or dead) I’d invite to dinner: Chris Farley (dead), Rusty Wallace (living) and James Patterson (living)

You’d be surprised to learn that: That I recently just got married for the first time!!

The thing that I like most about working for Kent County is: The great people that I work with. They are a hard working group that makes me want to work just as hard as they do. 

Please join us in congratulating Leslie Drenten for earning Kent County’s Employee Recognition for Quality Service Award.

If you know a Kent County employee who is deserving of this award please, complete a nomination form at www.accesskent.com/qualityservice or on the Kent County intranet.