Employee Recognition For Quality Service

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3rd Quarter 2011

tracy kniffen-oates

Tracy Kniffen-Oates is recognized as the Kent County Quality Service Employee of the 3rd Quarter for helping to fulfill Kent County's mission by providing our citizens outstanding quality service. The individual who nominated Ms. Kniffen-Oates had this to say:

"Tracy is a Circuit Court Clerk who works in Judge Trusock's courtroom. I am assigned to provide the security in this courtroom quite often.  By far, this is the most efficient and organized courtroom to work in. Tracy is confident in her work and goes out of her way to make sure the daily proceedings, whether they are civil or criminal, are handled in a professional manner. Tracy has the ability to make sure all of the staff and civilians receive professional and courteous service. She is always pleasant and has a smile on her face.  During every jury trial, Tracy deals with an endless amount of tasks and she takes them in stride and keeps the courtroom running smoothly. During this most recent Festival, she was observed volunteering her time to work with hundreds of children at the painting exhibit area.  She was having fun yet giving back to the community on a day off. Tracy represents the County of Kent and its employees with honor and grace.  Thank you for considering this valuable employee for this recognition.”

Judge Trusock had this to say about Ms. Kniffen-Oates

"Tracy is an outstanding individual with a tremendous work ethic. She is always willing to go beyond whatever is necessary to keep things running smoothly. She has a great deal of pride in performing her responsibilities."

Number of Years Employed by Kent County:  4.67 years. 

The hardest thing I've ever done:  Raising my children to be honest, hard-working members of society was one of the hardest, albeit most rewarding things I and my husband have ever done. I'm very proud of my children and their accomplishments, as anyone who knows me will tell you!

Three people (living or dead) I'd invite to dinner:  I'd like to have dinner with Abigail, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. I've read their letters to each other and they were very passionate about the founding of this country.  Although they did not always agree with each other, they believed in freedom and what this country could be because of freedom. I would like to hear their perspective of their journey through the new experiment we now call America.   
You'd be surprised to learn that:  I come from and have a family who is centered on public service. My father was a police officer and farmer. My mother was a nurse. My husband was a Captain at the Delta Township Fire Department. My son has graduated from West Point Military Academy and is currently serving with 101st Airborn in Kentucky, and my daughter just graduated from Oakland University and is currently the head diving coach for the Vandal's Women's diving team at the University of Idaho. 

The thing that I like most about working for Kent County is:  Everyone is very friendly, courteous and professional. I can remember when I first started filling in as a court reporter here; I was amazed at how friendly the staff was. Even the judges were nice to me! I wasn't used to that from the organization where I used to work.

Please join us in congratulating Tracy Kniffen-Oates for earning Kent County's Employee Recognition for Quality Service Award.

If you know a Kent County employee who is deserving of this award please complete a nomination form at www.accesskent.com/qualityservice or on the Kent County Intranet.