Employee Recognition For Quality Service

Previously Recognized Employees

2nd Quarter 2010

Michael Miller is recognized as the Kent County Quality Service Employee of the 2nd Quarter for helping to fulfill Kent County's mission by providing his customers with outstanding quality service. The individual who nominated Mr. Miller had this to say:

"We had a very interesting/difficult person who recently came into our office located on the 3rd floor of the County Courthouse. The client signed in to set up court-ordered payment arrangements. While waiting to be seen the client spent most of his time sleeping in the lobby. All of sudden he jumped up and started yelling and swearing at me and said, "What is going on back there and why is there no one up here helping me?" I told him to relax and to have a seat and that someone would be up to see him soon. He went on and on for several minutes swearing and going nuts. He had recently received a second notice from the Court's finance department to appear and he did not appear to have time to wait to be seen by staff. As he began to act more and more irate, my supervisor came up a few minutes after hearing all the commotion and after he tried to enter the secured door by my workstation. The client continued to carry on with profanities. My supervisor then called security; during this time I got in touch with Michael Miller and asked if he could come ASAP to help this gentleman.

After speaking with the client for 15-20 minutes in the interview room, Mr. Miller sent him to the 5th floor to get help on a motion that he needed to file. The client came back down asking for Michael again because the agency on the 5th floor could not assist him. Mr. Miller went back up to the 5th floor with the client and explained to the agency's employee what the client needed to do. Mr. Miller came back down to the 3rd floor on two separate occasions to make copies and to help the client with his paperwork. Mr. Miller also brought the client down to the 2nd floor to file the paperwork and to assist the client at the Clerk's Office. Mr. Miller said to me on several occasions that the client was up and down a lot during their conversations, while acting agitated and hyper. After roughly an hour of helping the client, Mr. Miller had gone above and beyond the call of duty when he did not have to do so. I chose to nominate Mr. Miller for this recognition because we as a court system get a bad reputation because of the nature of our work. He could have blown this guy off or could have refused to see him because of his behavior, but he did not hesitate to see him. I believe he took it as a challenge to help the client and to get him set up to make payments. I am proud to know and work with Mr. Miller, he always assists me when I call him for help, but most importantly comes through for the public."

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