Employee Recognition For Quality Service

1st Quarter 2015 - Recognized Employee

Alyssa Price, with the Kent County Clerk’s Office is recognized as the Kent County Quality Service Employee of the 1st Quarter for helping to fulfill Kent County’s mission by providing quality service to citizens of Kent County. 

The individual who nominated Alyssa wrote:

“Oh where to begin... I first had to call the Clerk’s Office regarding a refund of a motion for my husband. Alyssa went the extra mile and spoke to the counselor from the Michigan Department of Corrections on my behalf. When I was confused on how to obtain information regarding another of my husband's motions she made herself available.  I now have a habit of emailing her first with my questions and she always answers in a timely fashion providing me with the resources that I need, even if it is not in her department. I have spoken to other people who have not been as patient with me when I did not know some of the information, but Alyssa has always been patient.  I really appreciate her.  I thank her but, I do not think she understands how helpful she really has been.”

Number of Years Employed by Kent County:  7 years.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done:  The last two months of my life have by far been the most difficult.  My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer that has turned our world upside down.  Between the doctor visits, the chemotherapy and learning how to continue to be not only a wife but also a caregiver, all while keeping up daily responsibilities is one of the hardest things I’ll have to endure in my lifetime.  But I know every challenge we face throughout this is making us stronger each day.

Three people (living or dead) I’d invite to dinner:  My husband, grandfather and Julia Child.

You’d be surprised to learn that:  My biggest passion in life is preparing and eating delicious food.  I love nothing better than to have friends and families over to catch up, debate and discuss any events or issues happening in our lives or the world over an amazing meal.  I truly believe I belong in an Italian culture, where food and family seem to be celebrated with the utmost passion.

The thing that I like most about working for Kent County is:  We deal with clients when they are usually at a high-stress point in their lives.  Anything I’m able to do to make that particular day or task easier or less stressful for them makes me feel as though I’m helping and gives me the satisfaction knowing I’m in a position that I can help make them breathe a little easier at that moment. 

Please join us in congratulating Alyssa Price for earning Kent County’s Employee Recognition for Quality Service Award.

If you know a Kent County employee who is deserving of this recognition, please complete a nomination form at www.accesskent.com/qualityservice or on the Kent County intranet.