Fiscal Services

Kent County 2009 Budget

Preface and Table of Contents

  1. Readers' Guide

    Provides orientation to the reader in regards to document format and contents, describes Kent County government and demographics, and explains the process and policies that guide the development of the budget.

    Readers’ Guide
    County Profile
    Organizational Structure
    Budget Process
    Summary of Budget Policies
    Basis for Budgeting
  2. Budget Overview

    Provides a comprehensive overview of the adopted County Budget. The Budget Message from the Administrator/Controller outlines the priorities, parameters, and issues involved in developing the budget. The subsequent sections summarize the County budget as a whole by fund, functional area, and category, and include a history of personnel positions.

    Budget Message from the County Administrator/Controller
    Significant Priorities and Issues
    Strategic Planning and Budgeting
    All Funds Summary
    All Funds Budget Summary by Fund Type and Component Unit
    All Funds History of Fund Balances
    All Funds Budget History by Functional Area
    All Funds Budget History by Category
    All Funds Personnel History by Functional Area

  3. Fund Summaries

    Provides a description and three-year history of each fund, summarized by fund type, including a detailed summary and history of the County's General Fund.

    Description of Funds
    General Fund Summary
    Special Revenue Funds Summary
    Debt Service Funds Summary
    Capital Project Funds Summary
    Internal Service Fund Summary
    Component Unit Funds Summary
    Proprietary Funds Summary
  4. Department Summaries

    Provides an overview of County activities, organized by Functional Area. Each overview includes a description of the department or program, discussion of any signifi cant issues in prior years and current year budget, and personnel history. Mission statements, goals, and performance measures are also included for each County department. Each functional area is summarized “at a Glance” at the beginning of each section.

    Community & Economic Development Functional Area at a Glance
          Community Development
          Housing Commission
                Lodging Excise Tax
                Area Agency on Aging
                Economic Development
    Cultural & Recreational Functional Area at a Glance
          John Ball Zoological Gardens
    Debt Service Functional Area at a Glance
          Building Authority Debt Service
          Debt Service
    Enterprise Functional Area at a Glance
          Department of Aeronautics
          Department of Public Works
    General Government Functional Area at a Glance
          Bureau of Equalization
          County Clerk/Register of Deeds
          Kent/MSU Cooperative Extension
          Drain Commissioner
          Facilities Management
          Fiscal Services
          Human Resources
          Information Technology
          Prosecutor's Office - Criminal, Appellate and Juvenile Divisions
          Treasurer's Office
    Health & Welfare Functional Area at a Glance
          Circuit Court Child Care Fund
          Health Department
          Veterans' Affairs
                Alliance for Health
                Area Agency on Aging
                DHS Child Care Fund
                DHS Social Welfare Fund
                Prevention Initiative
                Senior Millage
                Veteran's Trust
    Judicial Functional Area at a Glance
          17th Circuit Court
          63rd District Court
          Community Corrections
    Probate Court
          Prosecutor's Office - Family Law Division
                Legal Assistance Center
    Public Safety Functional Area at a Glance
          Sheriff's Department
                Fire Prevention
                Correction & Detention
    Other Functional Area at a Glance
          Risk Management/Insurance
    Transfers at a Glance
  5. Capital

    Provides an overview of the Capital functional area, which includes expenditures related to Building Authority Construction and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The section provides program descriptions, discussion of any signifi cant budget issues, and a three-year history of uses and personnel, as well as a description of CIP projects.

    Capital Functional Area at a Glance
          Building Authority Construction Fund
          Bond Capital Improvement Capital Project Fund
          Capital Improvement Program Fund
  6. Revenue Assumptions

    Discusses the assumptions made for determining County revenue projections.

    Revenue History and Revenue by Category
    Revenue Discussion by Category
    Revenue Assumptions by Fund
    Revenue History by Fund
  7. Appendix

    Provides additional documentation of interest.
    Budget Resolution
    County Debt/Retirement