Brought to you by Election Magic May 3, 2011 Consolidated Election Election - Tuesday, May 03, 2011

May 3, 2011 Consolidated Election

are now available! Current returns are with 299 of 299 precincts and 4 of 4 AVCBs reporting-- 100.00% --accounting for 12.34% of the 440270 registered voters.
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Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education
2 positions

Precincts Reporting Non-Partisan
70 of 70 Precincts Walter M.
Christine L.
Monica L.
Raynard L.
Christopher D.
Sain, Jr.
Terry L.
Zylstra, Sr.
TOTAL 3410 3757 1675 4529 7640 5844 939 2198

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|Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education |

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