Brought to you by Election Magic Michigan November 2010 General Election Election - Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Michigan November 2010 General Election

are now available! Current returns are with 253 of 253 precincts and 19 of 19 AVCBs reporting-- 100.00% --accounting for 46.85% of the 418386 registered voters.
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Attorney General

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Attorney General
1 position

Precincts Reporting Republican Logo Republican Democrat Logo Democrat U.S. Taxpayers Logo U.S. Taxpayers Libertarian Logo Libertarian
250 of 250 Precincts 19 of 19 AVCBs Bill
Gerald T.
Van Sickle
Daniel W.
TOTAL 120064 65133 2514 3953

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|Attorney General |

Governor |Secretary of State |Attorney General |Members of Congress |State Senate |State Representative |State Boards |Judicial |County Commissioners |Townships |Cities |Villages |Schools |Proposals

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