Brought to you by Election Magic Michigan August 2010 Primary Election - 8/3/2010

Proposal Text

Referendum on Ada Township Ordinance No. O-011209-5 -- Which Imposes Regulations on Heliports

Should Ada Township Zoning Ordinance Amendment No. O-011209-5 (which imposes regulations on heliports within Ada Township and was approved by the Ada Township Board on January 12, 2009) be approved?

Disincorporation of Village of Sand Lake --

Shall incorporation of the Village of Sand Lake be vacated?

Sparta Township Library Proposal -- Increase of .25 Mills

Shall the total tax rate limitation on the amount of general ad valorem taxes which may be imposed on taxable real and tangible personal property within Sparta Township under Article IX, Sec. 6 of the Michigan Constitution be increased for said Township by 0.25 mills ($0.25 per $1,000 of taxable value) annually for six years, 2010 through 2015, inclusive, to provide funds for all Township Library purposes authorized by law, and shall Sparta Township be authorized to levy such new additional millage for said purposes? If approved and levied, this millage would raise an estimated $62,530 in the first year of the levy (2010). The revenues from this millage will be disbursed to the Sparta Township Library. To the extent required by law, a small portion of the revenues from this millage (approximately 5.3% in the first year of the levy) will be captured within the district of and disbursed to the Village of Sparta Downtown Development Authority.

Tyrone Township Proposal -- Millage Renewal 1 Mill for 2 Years for Fire Operations

Shall the tax limitation on general ad valorem taxes within Tyrone Township imposed under Article IX, SEC 6 of the Michigan Constitution be renewed for said Township at 1 mill ($1.00 per $1,000 of taxable value) for the period 2011 through 2012 inclusive to provide for fire department opertions; and shall the Township levy such renewal in millage for said purpose, thereby, raising in the first year an estimated $106,361.00?

Comstock Park Public Schools -- Operating Millage Proposal

This proposal will allow the school district to continue to levy the statutory rate of 18 mills on all property, except principal residence and other property exempted by law, required for the school district to receive its revenue per pupil foundation allowance. The remaining 1 mill is only available to be levied to restore millage lost as a result of any reduction of millage that may be required by the