Brought to you by Election Magic Michigan November 2006 General Election Election - Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Michigan November 2006 General Election

are now available! Current returns are with 279 of 279 precincts and 29 of 29 AVCBs reporting-- 100.00% --accounting for 59.83% of the 404736 registered voters.
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Attorney General

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Attorney General
1 position

Precincts Reporting Republican Logo Republican Democrat Logo Democrat U.S. Taxpayers Logo U.S. Taxpayers Libertarian Logo Libertarian
271 of 271 Precincts 28 of 28 AVCBs Mike
Charles F.
TOTAL 149965 78789 1684 4290

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|Attorney General |

Governor |Secretary of State |Attorney General |US Senate |Representative in Congress |State Senate |State Representative |State Boards |Supreme Court and Court of Appeals |17th Circuit Court |District Courts |Probate Court |State Proposals |Drain Commissioner |County Commission |Township |City |Village |City-Township Questions |School

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