Drain Commissioner

Buck Creek Extension

The Buck Creek Extension County Drain is a portion of a watercourse and storm sewer system which serves a number of properties within the City of Kentwood, the City of Wyoming, Byron Township and Gaines Charter Township by collecting the storm water runoff from properties and roads within the drainage district.  The Buck Creek Extension County Drain extends from the Eastern and 76th St intersection and flows almost 4 miles to the 56th St and US-131 intersection in the City of Wyoming, and serves a 35,000 acre watershed as shown on the attached map.

The Buck Creek Extension Drain was established as a County Drain in 1968 as a result of a petition received by the Kent County Drain Commissioner.  This establishment requires the Drain Commissioner to maintain the hydraulic capacity of the drain.  At times, petitions or requests for maintenance or construction on County Drains are received by the Drain Commissioner requesting that the stream/drain be cleaned out, widened, extended, etc.  At other times, the Drain Commissioner may perform minor maintenance without a petition.

Over the last 25 years, the office of the Drain Commissioner has diligently performed routine maintenance on this drain, but as a result of the major rain events of April 2013, there are several areas along this Drain that now require major rehabilitation.  In July and August of 2013, the office was successful in obtaining $50,000 in emergency funding from the US Department of Agriculture, which allowed the most pressing needs to be addressed. However, there still remains another $120,000 in major maintenance and rehabilitation that is required to address these problem areas.  This work has already been bid and will be performed in February and March of 2014.  The costs for this work will be assessed to the municipalities and the 15,000 properties that are served by this County Drain.  This one-time assessment is approximately $3.00 per acre and will appear 2014 tax bills.

Drainage District Map

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