Drain Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The storm water that enters my property does not leave the site. Why am I being assessed?
    The assessment calculation takes into account that only a portion of storm water runs off the property. Typically, a residential property is assumed to only runoff 30% to 50% of water that falls on the property depending on the lot size. Commercial properties have a higher runoff due to increased impervious areas and assume a runoff of 60% to 80% runoff. Also, credit is given to waterways and ponds that are within properties by reducing the parcel acreage by the surface area of the water feature.
  • I was sent a notice on the assessment for a property I no longer own.
    What do I do with the notice?
    Our property owner information is based on the County’s database. The County receives the taxpayer information from the City or Township Assessor’s Office. It typically takes 3 months to roll over to the county system. If the information provided is less current than the 3 month period, please contact the City/Township Assessor’s Office level and no further action needs to be taken.
  • How often will I be charged for this drain assessment?
    he State of Michigan Drain Code requires that work done on a County Drain be paid for with monies from that particular Drain’s fund. Whenever the fund for this Drain goes below $5,000 per mile of that Drain, the Drain Commissioner may assess the drain district to replenish that fund.
  • My property has a drainage issue. Do I report this issue to the Drain Office
    and can they assist me in getting it resolved?
    Use the link entitled “Report a Drain Problem” found on the Drain Commissioner’s website.
  • Why is my assessment so small??
    Since this is the first time since 1999 that Buck Creek Extension Drain is being assessed for routine maintenance, the State Drain Code requires that the Drain Commissioner conduct a hearing on the roll. For some properties, it means that the mailing cost will exceed the amount that is being assessed. However, for future drain maintenance assessments when the amount assessed will remain the same, there will not be a need to send out another mailing and the amounts collected will go directly to maintaining the drain.
  • Where is my property located within the drainage district?
    Go to the “Maps” link on this website and there you will find a map of the Drainage District that has been divided into 4 quarters. Click on the quarter in which your property is located for a more detailed view.