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CourTools is a set of ten trial court performance measures developed by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to provide the court with a comprehensive understanding of court operations. Kent County Circuit Court has adopted these measures to examine the Court's performance.

Trial Date Certainty

Trial Date Certainty - Civil | Trial Date Certainty - Criminal

Why It Maters

Measure 5:  Trial Date Certainty

Definition:  The number of times cases disposed of by trial are scheduled for trial.

Purpose:  Our Court’s ability to hold trials on the first day they are scheduled to be heard is closely associated with timely case disposition.  This measure provides a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of calendaring and continuance practices.  For the litigants, attorneys, witnesses and jurors who may be involved, scheduled trials that go forward on a predictable basis avoid the unnecessary expense, disruption, inconvenience, and stress associated with adjournments and delay.