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CourTools is a set of ten trial court performance measures developed by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to provide the court with a comprehensive understanding of court operations. Kent County Circuit Court has adopted these measures to examine the Court's performance.

Court Employee Satisfaction Survey

1. I am encouraged to try new and more effective and efficient ways of doing things.
2. I am kept informed about matters that affect me in the work place.
3. The Court is respected in the community.
4. The people I work with can be relied upon when I need help.
5. I understand how my job contributes to the overall mission of the Court.
6. I am treated with respect.
7. When I do my job well, I am likely to be recognized and thanked by my supervisor.
8. I enjoy coming to work.
9. In my unit/division, good customer/client service is a high priority.
10. I have an understanding of the budget issues confronting the Court and the County.
11. I have the resources necessary to do my job well.
12. On my job, I know exactly what is expected of me.
13. I get the training I need to do my job well.
14. My supervisor is available if I have questions or need help.
15. Communication within my unit/division is good.
16. My co-workers work well together.
17. In the last six months a supervisor or manager has talked to me about my job performance.
18. My co-workers care about the quality of services and programs we provide.
19. My working conditions and environment enable me to do my job well.
20. I have an opportunity to express my opinion about how things are done in my unit/division.
Questions require:Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, or Strongly Agree

Why it Matters

Measure 9:  Court Employee Satisfaction

Definition:  Ratings of court employees assessing the quality of the work environment and relations between staff and management.

Purpose:  Committed and loyal employees have a direct impact on a court’s performance.  This measure is a powerful tool for surveying employee opinion on whether staff have the materials, motivation, direction, sense of mission, and commitment to do quality work.  Knowing how employees perceive the workplace is essential to facilitate organizational development and change, assess teamwork and management style, enhance job satisfaction, and thus improve service.