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Access & Fairness
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Age of Active Pending Cases
Trial Date Certainty
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Collection of Monetary Penalties
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CourTools is a set of ten trial court performance measures developed by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) to provide the court with a comprehensive understanding of court operations. Kent County Circuit Court has adopted these measures to examine the Court's performance.

Access to the Court - Survey Responses

Q1: Finding the courthouse was easy.
Q2: Security officers treated me with courtesy and respect.
Q3: I felt safe in the courthouse.
Q4: I easily found the courtroom or office I needed.
Q5: I was treated by court staff with courtesy and respect.
Q6: Court staff were knowledgeable and informative.
Q7: The forms I needed were clear and easy to understand.
Q8: Court hours of operation made it easy to do business.
Q9: I was able to get my court business done in a reasonable amount of time.
Q10: The Kent County website was useful.

Access to the Court Survey Responses | Fairness of the Court Survey Responses

Why It Matters

Measure 1:  Access & Fairness
Definition:  Ratings of court users on the Court’s accessibility and its treatment of customers in terms of fairness, equality, and respect.
Purpose: Many assume that “winning” or “losing” is what matters most to citizens when dealing with the courts. However, research consistently shows that positive perceptions of court experience are shared more by court users’ perceptions of how they are treated in court, and whether the court’s process of making decisions seems fair. This measure provides a tool for surveying court users about their experience in the courthouse. Comparison of results by location, division, and type of customer can inform Court management practices.