Juvenile Detention Center


All staff who directly work with the residents receive a minimum of 24 hours of training annually as required by the State guidelines.

The facility’s staff training/orientation program is extensive in its coverage of training issues and offers training to other court staff and county employees, as well as its own staff. The State’s Division of Child Welfare Licensing mandates training in 9 specific areas. All staff completed their hours of training in those areas, plus additional hours on other topics. It is essential that our staff are knowledgeable, confident, and professional Juvenile Detention employees who can perform on the job according to the highest professional standards. While state law calls for at least 24 hours of training annually for each detention employee, Kent County Juvenile Detention has continued to average well over that amount.


Annual Training Subjects +27.5 Hours

Building & Unit Security
Software Training & Report Writing
CBT Training Refresher I
CBT Training Refresher II
Handle With Care Semi-Annual Refresher
Mechanical Restraint
CBT Training Refresher III
Detention Software Training
First Aid Recertification
CPR/AED Recertification
Preventing Disease Transmission
Handle With Care Semi-Annual Refresher
Clothed & Unclothed Searches
Suicide Prevention & Working with the Mentally Ill
P.R.E.A Client Rights, Maintaining Confidentiality and the Child Protection Laws