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Interstate Child Support Enforcement

When one or both parents live outside of Michigan, several options are available to continue enforcement of the child support order. If the parent who pays support moves to another state and we need assistance collecting child support, we may have the case registered in that other state so that they can enforce child support for Michigan. If the parent who receives support moves to another state and receives assistance there, we will redirect payments to that state. If both parties move outside of Michigan, we will assist parties in registering the case in the appropriate state and may ultimately close our interest in the case.

Dealing with other states can be complicated. If you have questions about how to handle child support between states, please contact us.

Interstate FAQs

What happens to my support if the payer moves to another state?

If you have a Michigan support order and the payer of support moves to another state, we will continue to enforce the collection of your support through direct income withholding to the payer's out-of-state employer or if the payer pays on his own. We can also continue other enforcement such as tax offset, show cause hearings, license suspensions and bench warrants. However, certain in-state remedies are not as effective if the payer is living out of state. If our enforcement is not effective, it may be best to register your order for enforcement in the payer's new state.

How do I register my order in another state and what does that mean?

If we are unsuccessful at collection after the payer leaves the state, you may want to ask that we register your order by completing the form below. Registration means that the other state will enforce your order for us as if it were their own order.

What happens if both parties move from the State of Michigan?

If you receive child support, you are encouraged to sign up for services at your local child support office. Should enforcement other than income withholding be necessary in the future, the case will already be established in their new state and may save time while initiating enforcement action.

In addition, the Michigan support order cannot be modified in Michigan if neither party nor the children live in Michigan. If you and the other parent both live outside Michigan, the party that wants to change the order must register the order in the other party's state for modification. Dealing with other states can be complicated. 

If you have questions about how to handle child support between states, please contact us.