Sheriff Department

Communications Center

Emergency 9-1-1
Non-Emergency (616) 632-6100
T.D.D. (616) 774-2398

The Kent County Sheriff's Department Communications Center is one of two Public Safety Answering Points in Kent County. Depending on the time of day and expected workload there are from eight to thirteen call takers, dispatchers and communications supervisors working.

Our communications center provides full-time dispatching services for several departments including the Kent County Sheriff's Department, Cedar Springs Police, East Grand Rapids Public Safety, Grandville City Police, Kentwood City Police, Sparta Police, Sand Lake Police, Walker City Police, and part-time dispatching services for Rockford City Police and Lowell City Police Department. We also dispatch for twenty-seven township and municipal fire departments.

The Kent County Communications center was one of the first centers in the West Michigan area to have "Enhanced 9-1-1". Enhanced 9-1-1 allows the communications operator to see the caller information on a special screen. Enhanced 9-1-1 contains information such as the customer's name, address, phone number, time of call, as well as information on what police department, fire department and ambulance respond to this location.

The communication center has contact with the road patrol cruisers in a number of ways. The number one communication device is the police band radio. Dispatch can talk directly via voice communications with the road patrol officer either on his cruiser radio or on the portable radio that is carried with the officer when out of the cruiser. Another way of communicating with the road patrol is via the Mobile Data Computer (MDC).The MDC is a computer/radio combination of technology which allows the officer to send and receive messages to dispatch without voice communications, directly access the information from the Law Enforcement Information Network and contact other police cruisers all without using voice transmissions.

The Kent County Communication Center handles over 115,000 incidents per year in which a police or fire response is needed. Phone calls to the communications center range in type from non-emergency routine calls to life-threatening calls where every minute counts. 9-1-1 calls receive the highest priority and the communications center personnel are able to send appropriate equipment to the scene of any emergency quickly. If you consider that many of the thousands of incidents handled through the center every year generate more than one call from the public, the Kent County communications Center handles upwards of 500,000 phone calls annually.

The Communications center is also equipped to assist the deaf and hearing-impaired citizens with their needs. A special TDD (Teletype Device for the Deaf) number is available to callers as well as TDD's integrated at each telephone answering position.

The Kent County Communications staff is a dedicated group of professionals who can be counted on to assist the citizens of Kent County whenever help is needed.